Wednesday, 11 March 2015

"Let it happen" again and again.

I've got my ears stuck on Tame Impala's new single with lots of euphoria, like an octopus covering your tuba mask and agitating his tentacles, stealing the fun of your holiday trip. The Australians are back with a track that is about 7'50" long. It ends while your mind is still hanging from above the algae. I kinda wished this was going on forever and now I want more.

"Let it happen" is an introduction to Tame Impala's new album which will be released sometime this year and is following the critically acclaimed album "Lonerism". 3 years after "Lonerism", it sounds like they are taking a different and exciting direction with an emphasis on electronic and repetitive rhythms, a much more straight forward sound which slightly differs from their previous materials where the guitars were producing some interesting, experimental almost organic stuff with the use of the pedals, fuzzing the space with sonic sound.

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