Wednesday 5 April 2017


I'm throwing a party at Honeymoon bar on Thursday 13th of April 2017. Come celebrate the bank holiday weekend after work. We'll be playing some of the best in house music from 7pm - 1am
460 Hackney Road, London
Playlist coming soon!
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Saturday 11 February 2017

Winter 2017

A special selection of tracks from mostly London based artists. Enjoy!

Wednesday 7 September 2016


Discover Rich Running Bear folk EP, "Yoyo's House" below: Come join us at the EP launch on the 20th of September at Kansas Smitty's in East London :)
Artwork by myself.

Monday 12 October 2015

Back to school

October playlist:

Tuesday 30 June 2015

Monday 8 June 2015

Playlist Two!

Sweet, voluptuous tracks for your fresh ears. Enjoy!

Sunday 22 March 2015

Rockin' and rollin'

Rock'n'roll is a popular music genre that emerged in the 50's. It holds some interesting dual elements: joy and pain, good and bad, sex and religion... It's an unlimited source of inspiration for modern music and speaks to people of any cultural, historical, social background.
Rock'n'roll is a blend of various musical genres (folk, country music, jazz, gospel, blues...) and has developed from social and musical interactions between both white and black communities in the early 20th century, when after the civil war, the americans were subject to hot topics like immigration, slavery and racism.
In the map below, the regions in dark red are part of the "Deep South" or referred as the "Cotton States" where African-descended peoples comprised the majority of the population, in the mid-20th century.

During this period, the black americans had a fervour for gospel music that was sang in churches and for blues music that they sang while working in various corn fields and cotton plantations. Music like gospel and blues were a spiritual and creative outlet, a remedy to ease their pain against labour, injustice, inequality and was often despised by the white community.
On the other hand, you had the white american folk & country music.
Rock'n'roll has been shaped up by these various musical styles. Sister Rosetta Tharpe is one of the precursor's of rock'n'roll:
The term "rock'n'roll" has both religious and sexual connotations. While "rock" refers to disturb, being shaken in a spiritual way, "roll" refers to having sex. Remember Elvis sexy dance move in "Jailhouse Rock" or Jerry Lee Lewis, known as "The Killer", stamping his feet and shaking is blond locks above the piano. Jerry Lee Lewis was one of the early pioneer of rock'n'roll music: