Thursday, 31 January 2013

Music takes an important space in my world and is an infinite source of inspiration. I love spending hours browsing on the internet, flicking through independent music magazines, searching for new and old stuff at my local music shop. Digging out for music is a pleasure that I like to keep for myself. A lonely activity that gives me plenty of imaginative contents. Sometimes I know what I'm looking for, sometimes I buy music without knowing its content, when the aesthetic of its album sleeve is intriguing or appealing.

Over a year ago, while I was reading Stool Pigeon - a monthly music newspaper that I like to collect in few bars and boutiques of London, I was reading an article about a band called Alt J. They were offering free songs that you could download on their Sound Cloud page. As soon as I heard one song (Tessallate), I genuinely loved their materials and couldn't stop listening to them. It's rare to get that spontaneous feeling of joy when you discover something good - particularly when only few people knows. You're excited and you want to keep it for yourself. It's also difficult to find something that is interesting, especially when your ears constantly hear sounds, in the huge world that is music.

At the time, I found out that they were playing in a small local pub for the launch of their EP/single - hosted by Stool Pigeon which I went to. I did a poster for the event. You can see it on my website and Facebook page. They will be on sale, soon.

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Since then, Alt J won the 2012 Mercury Prize Awards. Successful young band, let's hope that it will last.

Sunday, 20 January 2013