Wednesday, 4 March 2015

A palace, in the middle of a bucolic countryside field

The cold Winter is dragging, your hands are as dry as the corner of your feet and there's not much happening outside so you start observing the naked trees and counting the few plastic bags that are hanging above them.
They kinda look like lonely sails on skinny masts...
We're wanting for fun time gigs and outdoor festivals action aren't we? While we're waiting, let's just sit back, close our eyes and imagine that Spring is coming along with Palace.
This London based quatuor makes me want to lie on the fresh grass, while smelling blossoming flowers. Cheesy yeah, what's wrong with a bit of tenderness?
They released a beautiful EP called "Lost in the night" under Beatnik which is a collective that focuses on designing beautiful artworks for various bands/artists signed and managed under their own independent record label.
Palace, with their slow-tempo tracks, drifts me away when I feel overloaded. It's bluesy and has a delicate touch of folk.
Ocean Deep


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