Monday, 24 February 2014


I'm curing a triple hangover in the music shop, my brain is floating like a orphan ghost, my eyes are vaguely browsing the shelves, my fingers are lost between A and Z, new arrivals, electro, folk, whatever, while the shop owner is throwing some ragga tunes that is soothing my headache.
Sometimes I buy music based from a purely aesthetic judgment. If I like the album cover I'd buy the CD. Most of the time I buy music because I've heard the name of the artist/band somewhere or because I know the songs already. This Sunday, I was lucky to find these little gems:

- Why did I buy this?

The mysterious drawings outside and inside the packaging (designed by Geof McFetridge) appealed to me and there were few songs from their 2nd album "Rules" that I already knew.
I've seen The Whitest Boy Alive couple of years ago in a music festival in Corsica called "Calvi on the Rocks" and they were very good. The Norwegian singer/guitarist, Erlend Øye is in another band - Kings of Convenience - that is worth checking out. I was glad to discover this album. There are some lovely songs including "Golden Cage"

GIRLS - "Father, Son, Holy Ghost" 2011
- Why did I buy this?
The name and the reviews on the sleeve tickled my curiosity. This band no longer exists as the lead singer, Chris Owens decided to start a solo career. It's a shame, this band is wonderful. I'm obsessed with this lovely song titled "Vomit".
It's a bit nostalgic, there's some kind of desperation in his voice. It starts slowly and ascends to a bigger, positive sound. The guitar and the drums accompany the lyrics perfectly:

This song "My Ma" is sweet:

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