Saturday, 15 February 2014

An ecstatic experience

I'm obsessed with "Strange Pleasures" - the most recent album of Still Corners.
Still Corners is Tessa Murray and Greg Hughes, a duo from London which are signed under the indie label Sub Pop Records. I could describe their music as nostalgic and dreamy. They put you in a timeless, ethereal space and tickle your imagination with strong movie like visuals.
The album starts with "The trip" - I love the guitar on this one:

I also wanted to share the 4th track of the album which I found very sensual:

If you like Still Corners, I can recommend you Tame Impala:

And perhaps dream about your next holidays with Beach House. They also released two albums with Sub Pop Records. You can have a listen to "Zebra" from their critically acclaimed album "Teen Dreams":

Or explore a darker side with Chromatics:

Reminiscing your first love with Mazzy Star:

Wander in velvety dreams with the charismatic Anna Calvi:

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