Saturday, 20 September 2014


I discovered Nick Monaco through the DJ duo Soul Clap. Listening to Nick Monaco is like tasting a strange looking smoothie, something that would contains both spinach and strawberry. His music is a mix of genre, hard to summarize, from r'n'b to dub, from disco to funk, all under the vast universe of dance music. The way he uses his voice is interesting, experimenting with different tones.
Here's a wonderful acoustic version of the track "Private Practice" from his debut album "Mating Call":

Behind the album artwork, the talented illustrator Lynnie Zulu.

I like how this song slowly builds up with the raggae rythm accompanied with a sensual voice that somehow reminds me of Prince. To listen while smoking a joint:

If you enjoyed listening to these, watch this funny video for "The Stalker":

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